Basketball Information

Basketball Information

2015 OKC Storm Summer Basketball Information (for more details you can send and email to

Summer Basketball gets started the week of May 25th 2015. Our summer basketball program is designed for new kids to get started with our program, younger kids move up to their new age groups and to help players develop basketball skills(ball handling, shooting, passing and other aspects of the game. Our Jr high and High school boys teams will play 15 to 20 games from late May thru the end of June. Our girls and younger boys teams may play a few tournaments(only if there is enough interest.
Practices will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from the week of May 25th thru the last week of June (see below for the practice times)

Practice Times
18u and 16u boys - 1:00-2:30pm
14u boys - 1:00-2:30pm
All girls - 2:30-4:00pm
12u, 10u and 8u boys - 2:30 to 4:00pm

Summer Basketball practice will be at
The Lighthouse
3333 W Hefner Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Summer Player Fees
18u & 16u - $200
14u - $150
12u -$125
10u - $125
8u - $100