2016-17  OKC Storm Basketball

OKC Storm enters the 19th year for Basketball in the Metro area and attending the NCHBC National and Regional Tournaments. We feel our Homeschool players prepare throughout the season to compete at the largest and most competitive HomeSchool Basketball tournament in America.  Here is a link of our program accomplishments over the past 18 years competing in these events  (http://www.oklahomacitystorm.com/?page_id=1178). Our high school athletes begin conditioning September 1st and practice starts for them on Oct 3rd 2016. Our middle school teams start practice the week of Oct 3rd 2016 and our Elementary teams(kids 12u and below on September 1st 2016) start practice the week of Oct 10th 2016. Practice times, practice locations and coaches are listed below. If you need more information you can go to the contact us page on the website and fill it out.

OKC Storm 2016-17 Coaching Staff
16/18u – Curtis Branch 1st year
16/18u – Terran Alford 1st year
16/18u – Hannah Branch 1st year
14u – Curtis Branch 1st year
12u – Carl Christian 2nd year
12u – Amanda Edwards 1st year
10u – Carl Christian 2nd year

16/18u – Kurt Talbott  6th year
16/18u – Prince Ezeala  2nd year
16u – Brian Nix 3rd year
14u – Kern McMinn 4th year
13u – TBA
11/12u – Ricky Brady 1st year
9/10u – Steve Stanfield 1st year
6u to 8u – TBA

Practice Times
15u-18u Boys – 1pm to 3pm Mon-Thur (The Hive)
13-14u Boys – 3pm to 5:00pm Tue, Wed, Thur (The Hive)
11-12u Boys – 3pm to 4:45pm Tues/Thur (The Hive)
9-10u Boys –  4:00 to 5:30pm Wed/Fri (The Hive)
6-8u Boys –  4:00 to 6:00pm Thursday (Faith Bible Church)

13-18u Girls – 3:00 to 5:00pm Mon/Fri (Harvest Gym),  4:30 to 6:30pm Tues/Thurs (TBA)
11-12u Girls – 2pm to 4pm Tues/Thurs (Faith Bible Church)
6-10u Girls – 2pm to 4pm Tues/Thurs (Faith Bible Church)
*Age as of Sept 1st 2016

Practice Gym Address
The Hive
14414 N Lincoln Blvd
Edmond OK 73013

Church of the Harvest
6800 Bryant
OKC OK 73156

Faith Bible Church
600 N Coltrane Rd
Edmond, OK 73034

Players Fees
Varsity – $600
Varsity North – $500
JV/9th – $500
13/14u – $375
11/12u – $300
9/10u – $225
6-8u – $150
Players fees cover gym rental, tournament entry fees, coaches, uniforms, insurance, sports physical. When teams have overnight trips players will be responsible for their room and meals. Players need to fill out the Storm Player Registration form online before the first workouts and if your new to the program fill out the player transfer form at http://www.nchclive.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=179&Itemid=475

We also have scholarships available for each age group. If you would like to participate, and there is a financial hardship that would keep you from playing, you can send an email to kurt.okcstorm@gmail.com and explain your situation and then you will be notified about the amount of scholarship you would be awarded.

If paying by check – Make check payable to OKC Storm and Mail to:
OKC Storm
17701 Gold Dr
Edmond OK 73012